Friday, May 20, 2011

The Painted Ladys Story

Once upon a time there was a little blonde haired girl, who grew up happy in a little tiny midwestern town, and lived a pretty normal life. Although she had 4 siblings they were all grown and gone and she, her mom and her dad lived a pretty non descript life.

Finally when she was 9, her mom and dad adopted a happy little tiny baby boy, and then they were four.When the little girl became a teen she did well in school, in fact she was an A student and wanted to be a lawyer. And she LOVED ART. One day a little window opened in her high school art class, showing her that she loved to paint. She dabbled a bit and her mom and dad bought her some paints for home, and she taught herself more, and soon she had so many little paintings of pretty flowers, her room was full.

Then she got bored. As she grew into an older teen, in spite of the fact that her dad was the Chief of Police and her parents were quite strict, she got into her fair share of trouble. One thing led to another, most that she lived to regret. Fast forward several years and this young lady was now a young mom, in a troubled marriage with three young sons. Yes, she still had those pretty flower paintings and yes she still had the little tan suitcase full of oil paints tubes and brushes that her mom and dad had bought her so many years back. But now, she had bigger things to worrry about.

When her marriage finally hit it's lowest point, she packed her boys and left, and never looked back. By the time she got back to that house to recover the things she could, the little tan suitcase and the pretty flower paintings were gone, destroyed in a fit of rage and revenge, by a man that knew full well what he had taken from her. But she had bigger things to worry about and life moved on.

Many years passed, and that little girl, who became a trouble young woman, married again and learned that life could be quite nice. Over the years as she went to museums and art and craft fairs, she told her new husband wistfully "I used to do that" "I wish I still Painted" or "I bet I could do that", as she pointed to other's work that she so admired. But life moved quickly, raising five sons and being active duty Navy was more important.

One day many years later, this much older lady still had five sons, but they were grown. Life had quieted down a great deal indeed. She had a great life, with a loving husband and sons and she was happy. Though something was missing, she didnt know what, in fact she didn't really even know something was missing.

But Poppy did. He bought her some paint, for Valentines Day, and threw down the proverbial gauntlet. "Paint" he said, "Put to some use that easel that you have been dragging around for years, you know, the one I thought you were nuts for buying at that garage sale"

And she did. And she found what was missing, and she never looked back. And from that happy little girl, that grew into a troubled young woman, and found herself happy so many years later - an Artist was born.

So there you have it. Now you know. This is the story of The Painted Lady, and the man that knew what was missing, and the Art that bubbled and brewed patiently in her soul for so many long years, until it was given back to her. And she was complete.

Thank you Poppy.


  1. Beautiful Story Vicky! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. make me cry...NO WONDER you are the lady that painted my painting...i lived with the devil too,and i too kicked his butt,moved on and became "light"
    think im going to know you for a very long time...
    love isabelle

  3. Most like Isabelle, most likely.

  4. I love Poppy and his love for you. Beautiful story, Vicky, I'm so glad you shared. I often wondered, now I know. <3 <3 <3

  5. What a wonderful story Vicky! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Beautiful story for a beautiful lady! It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there like that! I applaud you for doing so! I am so happy you found what was missing! I have been searching myself for years, and with the love of a great man who supports my every dream, i am getting there! Isn't it amazing how the support of just one person in a life full of people keeping you down can change everything! Thats my husband( he's #3), and the absolute best thing to ever to happen to me besides the birth of my 3 daughters! I would be nothing without him! I'm glad to know i am not the only one married to a saving grace! Many blessings to you and your lovely family from your newest fan! Colandra Leavell