Monday, May 16, 2011

1500 Fan Celebration

It is amazing but soon I will be hitting yet another milestone here at The Painted Lady's Place, 1500 Fans! In honor of that unbelievable milestone, and in light of the new restrictive FB rules on Contests and Giveaways, I have decided to resurrect my blog, and use it wisely! If you are interested in entering to win SUNFIRED BRANCHES, AN ORIGINAL FULL SIZE OIL ON CANVAS PAINTING, by The Painted Lady aka Vicky Carra - Then click on the words 1500 Fan Celebration beneath the main photo on this page. That will take you to the Giveaway page, read and follow the instructions, and then leave me your email (to contact you if you win) address. I do not want your paypal address now, (winner only pays shipping and handling). IF you win, then and only then will I ask for your paypal address! Best of Luck everyone and please spread the word!


  1. FB fan of both your pages

  2. This painting is beautiful!!

  3. Haha! It worked this time, but its not on the exact same page as the rules, so i hope it will still count! I am a fan of both your fb pages.. the painted lady's place and hobo with my fb personal page name... Colandra Leavell. Follow your blog with screen name lvncrazee. My email is!! Your work inspires me and touches my soul deeply! Thank you for sharing it with the world!! Blessings, love and light!

  4. OMG!!! Im soooo excited!!! I just LOVE and ADMIRE your Art!!

    Im a huge fan of your facebook page!!
    And of course the HOBO!! I Love being a HOBO!!
    And have been a follower on your blog for a while now!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  5. Ummm I couldnt leave a comment on the other page here, there wasnt a place to leave a comment!

  6. Congratulations, Vicky! I love your paintings and I would be honored to have one in my home! My email is
    Thank you for this opportunity!