Monday, June 13, 2011

A Big Day at The Painted Lady's Place

Today was the biggest single mailing day ever, here at The Painted Lady's Place! I just had to share! I am so blessed, to have so many faithful fans, and followers!

I got to spend my morning writing notes, making cards and prints and wrapping packages to be mailed out. Usually I go to the post office at least three times a week, with a order or two, so it is a familiar trip.

But today, I had to make two trips to my car, (we call it The Painted Buggy, isn't it just too cute?) just to load it with all that was ordered in the past few days and mailed out today. It took me all morning to get ready and by 2 p.m. I was at the Post Office with not one, not two, but SIX PACKAGES! That is right, six, AND some of those packages contained more than one item!

Altogether today I mailed out 3 cards, 3 prints, and 5 original paintings! I wanted to post this and say THANK YOU, to everyone of you, who follow me and interract with me and my work.  Thank you for an an amazing day! I love painting and want nothing more than to eventually be able to make my whole living doing it!  Today, I was able to glimpse for just a bit, into that future! Thanks again!


  1. Congrat Vicky!! Your paintings are amazing!! I'm sure to add to my collection in the very near future :) Best of luck on your continued success!!


  2. What a blessing of orders! I'm so pleased to hear and see that your work is being recognized and appreciated as it so richly deserves. May you have many, many more trips to the Post Office like today!

  3. So glad for you. So looking forward to my package. perhaps it was in this mailing. You are sure to be succesful Vicky as your work is beautiful as are you!

  4. Are the cards for me? Thank you, I look forward to your package!