Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Art for me is...

I am an artist. My husband of 25 years suggested recently that I had kept a secret from him, all these years, that I could paint. I replied almost immediately that neither did I! I dabbled at it early on, in my teens and 20's, but then through a series of circumstances beyond my control the opportunity to pursue my art was lost to me, for a time. Over the years my husband and I would browse at art fairs and museums etc, and I would say (wistfully) I wish I could do that, I used to paint.... So in our 23rd year, my husband threw down the gauntlet. On Valentines day two years ago, he bought me some paints and canvases and challenged me to put the easel to use, that I bought at a rummage sale and had been dragging around for literally years. The rest is to say, history. I discovered not only that I could paint, but that it was an emotional outlet that I needed and craved, and that now it is as if I JUST CANT STOP!

I invite your opinion.

Please visit me and also see my work on my facebook page - just type into the search bar from your facebook page - you guessed it - thepaintedladysplaceonfb.

One word of warning. MY facebook is The Painted Ladys Place, that is me. NOT me is The Painted Lady. I am sure the lady that holds this moniker is a nice lady too, but she is DEFINITELY NOT selling paintings! LOL!

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